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Fire prevention grants may be available from FM Global

FM Global Insurance has a grant program available to fire departments and other groups for funding in support of fire and arson prevention, pre-fire planning and education and training programs.

More Texas arson convictions challenged over fire science

Authorities in Texas and other states are beginning to re-examine old cases where defendants were sent to prison for setting fires based on expert testimony about burn patterns and charring that today is considered suspect.  Nine years ago Texas executed Cameron...

Spontaneous human combustion?

This story says there have been about 200 cases worldwide of spontaneous human combustion.  All the research is done on the subject, however, it suggests that there is no such thing and it is simply body fat burning which was usually ignited by an ignition source such...

Town council votes to consolidate fire district

Consolidation, amalgamation and/or reduction of fire services are increasing trends. In this case two departments are seeking to consolidate into one fire district to increase the number of volunteer firefighters, share equipment and merge services. ...

How earthquakes can impact fire safety in buildings

Damage to building structural elements, elevators, stairs, and fire protection systems caused by the shaking from a major earthquake can play a critical role in the spread of fire and hamper the ability of occupants to evacuate.  These are among the conclusions...

Basing Fire and EMS staffing on statistical demand for service?

One proposal calls for dramatic changes to work schedules such that they concentrate more paramedic shifts during peak times.   The union that represents the paramedics agrees with the fire chief that the issue is not, as the firefighters union argues,...

Boeing Dreamliner battery fire report released

A detailed description of a battery fire on board a Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Boston’s Logan Airport has been released by a US regulator but no cause has been specified. All fifty Dreamliners in operation have been grounded....

A wine to support fallen firefighters

Every bottle sold of the new Tribute Wine from Distant Cellars, a family-owned winery in Fiddletown, California, will support the work of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Let’s drink to that.

Blame Game Begins as 19 Die in Market Fire

Even though the fire is barely out the blame game begins.  It is an all too common story of overcrowding, fire department access issues and illegal construction of buildings that result in tragedy....

Hot Air Balloon Crash in Egypt Kills 19

A hot air balloon flying over the ancient city of Luxor in Egypt caught fire and crashed into a field, killing 19 tourists.

Two Firefighters Killed in Texas Hall Fire

Two Texas fire lieutenants have died after being trapped in a structure fire at a Knights of Columbus Lodge fire.  Lt. Eric Wallace called for help from inside the building as he was low on air.  Lt. Greg Pickard who led a rescue team to assist Wallace was also...

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