FireWise Services

FireWise provides a comprehensive suite of fire safety and consulting services to governments, first nations, fire departments, the legal community and private industry.

Fire Consulting

FireWise specializes in providing clients with planning and consulting services, fire protection surveys, and operational and administrative reviews all resulting in practical and attainable recommendations relating to the delivery and administration of fire and life safety services.

Our consultants and associates bring extensive knowledge and a practical approach to deliver targeted, relevant advice and recommendations to your organization.

Fire Service Reviews

A fire service review provides an objective status report on the organization and administration of a fire department. It determines whether the services provided are effective, efficient, equitable, and in line with the level of service established by the governing body.

Fire service reviews are used to determine if the fire department is compliant with industry standards, best practices and regulatory requirements. The process is not punitive but rather a snapshot of the fire department’s current status. The review may consist of one or more of the following based on the direction of the governing body.

  • Administrative Review

An administrative review determines if a fire department is meeting the requirements for record-keeping for personnel, training, equipment maintenance, incident reporting and many other administrative functions.

  • Operational Readiness Review

An Operational Readiness Review considers the risk to the community and compares the identified risk to the wishes of the elected officials concerning the type and level of services to be provided to the community.

  • Staffing Review

The goal of the staffing review is to identify the most effective and efficient delivery model which will provide the greatest value to the community.

Recommendations are developed considering the risk to be protected, industry best practices for staffing like sized and resourced communities, local governments strategic plans, and budget constraints.  

  • Facilities, Apparatus, and Equipment Review

The key purpose of a Facilities, Apparatus and Equipment review is to evaluate and report on the present status in relation to the needs going forward. Fire halls, apparatus, and related equipment constitute a major investment on behalf of the community. These public assets require a systematic process of acquiring, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposal in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Recommendations are provided based on the wishes of the AHJ and ability of the community to fund the authorized services.

Fire Department Master Plans

A fire department Master Plan provides a five-year, ten year or longer plan that takes into consideration future needs of the community and what the fire department will require to provide fire protection services in a well planned and sustainable fashion.

Standards of Cover Reports
If the community wishes to have its fire department accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International through the Center for Public Safety Excellence, it will require a Standards of Cover report. A Standards of Cover report is a long arduous process, that once completed, will provide many benefits to the department and to the community it serves.
The Center for Public Safety Excellence is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to lead the fire and emergency service to excellence through the continuous quality improvement process of accreditation, credentialing and education. Learn more at
New Fire Hall Public Consultation and Engagement Process

New fire hall or other publicly funded facilities can create considerable controversy in a community. FireWise has experience in assisting a community through the process of achieving public approval by engaging the civic leaders and the public through open, honest dialogue and the provision of accurate information. Our team of associates will bring an unbiased third-party opinion identifying the type of facility, the optimum location and design features to serve the community’s immediate and future needs.

Emergency Management Planning

FireWise can help municipalities with their emergency planning processes and plans. Our staff has broad experience in the development and implementation of these plans in jurisdictions across Western Canada. Our leading practice approach is anchored to Incident Command System Canadian principles, provincial legislation and programs, and industry best practices. Our approach is also carefully anchored to the organizational and governance realities of your jurisdiction to ensure the plan can be easily implemented. Whether you require a simple update to your emergency management plans and program or a complete ground-up overhaul, FireWise can assist.

Legal Support: Expert Opinion / Legal Assistance to Counsel

FireWise is very experienced in providing expert witness testimony or opinion letters to assist the Courts and Legal Counsel in criminal or civil proceedings brought against a fire department.

Fire Inspections

Inspection services by FireWise will allow municipalities to meet the required fire inspections in their community. Our team of associates works with many municipalities throught British Columbia to complete the mandated inspections of public buildings. The municipality maintains control of the frequency of inspections and enforcement action taken to correct fire safety deficiencies. If you’d like to talk with us further about how we can assist your community, please connect with us.

FireWise also offers online training to educate building owners and managers on how to perform a fire safety self-assessment on their property. Building Fire Safety Prevention Training will qualify building owners and managers to self-assess their properties for fire safety code compliance and submit their assessment reports to the local fire department stating their building meets an acceptable level of fire safety compliance as required in the National Fire Safety Code.

Event Facilitating

Are you interested in partnering with us to learn from professional trainers and world renowned subject matter experts brought to your locale? FireWise has hosted and facilitated numerous events that promote fire service education, professionalism and excellence. We will work with you to bring the very best presenters that deliver a well informed, engaging, educational and netowrking event for your staff, peers and colleagues. Show leadership by providing this opportunity to the firefighting industry and be a co-host with us!