Benefit Corporation for Good

Benefit Corporation for Good (BCFG)FireWise is a Benefit Corporation for Good (BCFG) that puts people, the planet and profit at the forefront of all that it does. It has been certified by a third party to affirm that it qualifies. In addition to profit, the BCFG includes a positive impact on society, workers, and the environment as its legally defined goals.

We believe in and adhere to business practices that are socially, economically and environmentally sound which result in solutions that are responsible to people and the planet.

We believe in people and approach all issues transparent, non-partisan manner that fosters open and respectful dialogue. We do our best to treat all stakeholders fairly while recognizing the socio-demographics found within communities, i.e., age, gender, ethnicity, education levels, income, etc. We build individual, community, and regional capacity that supports informed decision-making processes.

We create safer communities by sourcing environmentally safe materials and processes.

(the use of technology to reduce travel and harmful environmental practices like burning buildings to conduct fire investigation courses)

We believe and practice the sharing of knowledge that delivers fire prevention, and awareness which saves lives, protects people and property and protects the environment.

We support community organizations that help people like Muscular Dystrophy, Honour House, Honour Ranch and more.

We believe in self-care by striving for a proper work-life balance.

We believe in mental wellness and facilitate a confidential and non-judgmental peer forum with fire service leaders to help them share their journey.

“Doing good isn’t just a clever tagline used in branding. It’s how we describe the DNA of these purpose-driven companies like FireWise. It’s like breathing to them. They must “do good” to sustain the life of their work. FireWise is the first business from Canada to become part of our family of “doing good” businesses”. ~ Benefit Corporation for Good

Our annual Benefit Corporation for Good report for 2024_FireWise_Benefit_Report

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