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FireWise provides online accredited Fire Safety Courses and fire prevention training that focus specifically on management, fire prevention and fire investigation programs.



Our team of experts based throughout British Columbia and Alberta bring extensive knowledge with a practical approach to deliver targeted, relevant advice and recommendations to your organization.

Fire Quiz

Virtual Inspection

Practice your inspection skills by conducting a virtual 360° fire inspection of a marine store. Utilize the innovative tool to observe, analyze, and record your findings. Then, test your discoveries in a short quiz.

Fire prevention training

FireWise is a leading provider of emergency response training, fire prevention training, and consulting services—solutions to emergency service responders, local governments, and the business community.  Founded in 2008, FireWise provides governing authorities with consulting services, fire protection surveys and operational and administrative reviews, resulting in practical and attainable recommendations for delivering and administering fire and life safety services.

Our company facilitates, develops and delivers training programs for fire emergency services sector.

Programs we have presented include “Risk Management for the Fire Service,” “Leadership Skills for Company Officers,” “Fifty Ways to Kill a First Responder,” and “Advanced Fire Investigation for Fire and Police Services.