Fire Safety Knowledge

FWC provides training and education programs in online, blended, classroom, and workshop formats, focusing on career development and current issues.

Online Fire Safety Training

Informed by decades of field work, our online fire safety training programs capitalize on our behind the scenes experience to grow individuals professionally. Curriculum is designed to university-quality standards in an easy to navigate learning platform.

Fire Inspector Training
Level I and II

The FireWise Certified Fire Inspector Training Level I and II program has been created in response to requests for certified Fire Inspector Level l and ll online training programs based on Canadian Codes and Standards.

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Fire Investigation Origin and Cause
Level I and II

Online Accredited Fire Safety Knowledge. An online course with an optional two-day practical skills development and evaluation session. ProBoard accreditation awarded upon successful completion of exam and skills evaluation.

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Company Inspection Training

Endorsed by the Institution of Fire Engineers, this is a comprehensive online course designed to increase the knowledge base of firefighters who perform fire safety inspections or prepare new firefighters.

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Building Safety Prevention Training

Geared to building owners and managers, this course offers essential fire and life safety knowledge to perform fire safety self-assessment on low-risk buildings, low hazard occupanices.

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Fire investigation – Basic Fire Methodology

 “The Scientific Method of Fire Investigation”, the process, purpose and steps involved and how a methodical approach like the scientific method is a powerful tool if used properly by the fire investigator.

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Fire Investigation – Legal Considerations

A case history, discuss the legal considerations of a fire investigation, explain the different types of roles an investigator may have as a trial witness, define the different types of evidence one may come across in a fire investigation, report writing and how fire investigation may play a role in different types of civil litigation cases.

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Fire Investigation – Building Systems

Learn about fire separation, compartmentation, how design and construction affect fire development and the types of construction and structural integrity.

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