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Fire problems caused by Chinese lanterns

Fire chiefs in the UK call for an "urgent review" into the use of Chinese lanterns. The lanterns have become an increasingly popular sight at weddings, Halloween celebrations, music festivals and even funerals.

Controlling Fires in Space (NASA, International Space Station)

Watch this four minute video on research into fires in space that may lead to a better understanding of the chemistry of fire and technological advances here on earth.

Fire-fighting robot could change the game for fire departments

A research team at Purdue University is developing a fire-fighting robot some say will change the way fire departments perform internal attacks.   A spokesperson said, “You can put the robot in places where you would never dream of putting a human...

Firefighters Without Borders donate equipment

Since 2008 the B.C.-based Firefighters Without Borders Canada charity has donated 13 fire trucks, more than 1,000 sets of turnout gear, over 400 SCBAs, and other gear totalling 20-plus tons of equipment valued at more than $2 million. Recipients have been located in...

What should happen when mutual aid becomes standard response

When a fire department is woefully under-staffed should taxpayers elsewhere bear the burden of this deficiency -- and have their firefighters put at risk?

Surrey smokes competition at fire awards

The City of Surrey received a 2013 Community Health and Safety Program Excellence Award from the International City/County Management Association for its approach to fire prevention through a targeted smoke alarm giveaway program.  The program sends firefighters...

Million dollar house fire sparks concern about old insulation

Fire officials have not confirmed the exact cause but say the home had 40 year old cellulose insulation in the attic.  Cellulose resembles finely shredded newspaper with a fire resistant spray on it.  This article says that the spray wears off leaving an...

New 27 million dollar fire hall at CFB Esquimalt

The state-of-the-art emergency centre at CFB Esquimalt replaces a Second World War era building too small for the department’s needs.

NASA satellite photos of Saskatchewan wildland fires

NASA's Aqua satellite collected this natural-color image with the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer.  Actively burning areas are outlined in red. The three fires shown here are more than 100 hectares in size (>247 acres)....

NIST live fires will benefit research and firefighter training

Eight houses will be burned to test ventilation methods used to prevent or at least delay flashover.  In conjunction with the experiments, the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) will videotape and develop training modules that will be...

New roof anchor may make firefighting safer

A Massachusetts firefighter has designed a new roof anchor that provides a secure and stable working platform for firefighters as they use chainsaws and other tools to cut into roofs....

Drones could help fight forest fires

Thunder Bay professor and students to test programming drones for smoke and fire detection.

Slave Lake wildfire probe ends without charges

The arson investigation into the massive wildfires in Slave Lake two years ago is over and no charges will be laid.  The 12 police officers who worked full time on the case exhausted all leads and say no more work will be done unless additional tips come in....

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