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Forest service “let it burn” policy

Article explains what criteria are used to determine suppression actions for wildland fires.

Are you ready for barbecue season?

Longer days and warmer temperatures signify the start of barbecue season.  This is a good article on barbecue fire safety you may want your media to reprint.

Fire captain dies in fire, firefighter injured

Captain Michael Goodwin, a 30 year veteran of the Philadelphia Fire Department, was killed when a third floor roof collapsed.  Firefighter Andrew Godlewski was injured while trying to rescue Goodwin and is in stable condition in the hospital....

Fire department deploys new emergency medical technology

Two new devices being used by fire departments are a carbon monoxide monitor that helps paramedics tell if people have been exposed to carbon monoxide and a handheld device that uses light technology to help find people's veins, allowing IVs to be started quickly and...

The next generation of technology

New technology may provide a direct satellite video link that allows operations specialists located in a central command centre to watch fire-fighting operations live in support of the Incident Commander on the scene.  The cameras can be installed on top of fire...

Scottish fire service charged criminally in death of firefighter

The Scottish Crown has now decided to invoke criminal charges under their health and safety laws against the fire service.  They are charged with breaching section two of the Health and Safety at Work Act, which states "it shall be the duty of every employer to...

Can egg whites cure burns?

There is an email going around suggesting that egg whites may be a miracle cure for burns.  Urban Legends discounts this claim.

Best April Fools story we came across

After a five-year study, a leading research group has concluded that loud, blaring sirens on fire trucks are ineffective at getting cars to clear a path.  In response to the study there is a new standard for apparatus sirens that replaces the familiar sirens with...

Hire slow and fire fast

If you substitute "fire chief" for "business owner" and "organization" for "business" you will see this article is very relevant to the fire service.

City and union clash over 24 hour shift schedule

The city says it needs to save millions of dollars and one way is to put the firefighters onto a 24 hour shift.  The union argues the move would represent a cut to their hourly pay and also consider the new schedule potentially unsafe, citing fatigue near the end...

Court orders Fire District to close fire halls

The local government is in receivership so the court ordered the closure of the fire halls after voters rejected a 36 % tax increase.  The judge in the case said he firmly believes we are headed for a public safety disaster....

Fire prevention grants may be available from FM Global

FM Global Insurance has a grant program available to fire departments and other groups for funding in support of fire and arson prevention, pre-fire planning and education and training programs.

More Texas arson convictions challenged over fire science

Authorities in Texas and other states are beginning to re-examine old cases where defendants were sent to prison for setting fires based on expert testimony about burn patterns and charring that today is considered suspect.  Nine years ago Texas executed Cameron...

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