BSFP – Building Safety Fire Prevention Training

In Canada, building owners are legally responsible for the fire safety of their properties.

Our “Building Safety Fire Prevention Training” offers building owners and managers essential fire and life safety knowledge that will give them the confidence to perform a fire safety self-assessment on specific low-risk buildings for which they are responsible. Routine fire prevention assessment is an inexpensive form of preventive maintenance that is a sound asset protection strategy, increasing tenant safety, protecting your investment and decreasing building owners’ liability.

Who should take this Building Safety Fire Prevention Training course?

Building owners or managers of low-risk, low-hazard public buildings with a history of fire safety compliance. For more information about the course, Click here.


  • Based on the National Building and Fire Codes of Canada.
  • The curriculum was developed by Bob Turley and Glen Sanders, co-founders of FireWise, fire chiefs and leading fire prevention experts.

Course benefits:

  • A cost-effective way to gain valuable fire prevention and life safety education.
  • Increases fire prevention awareness, assuring a higher level of the building, tenant, and public safety.
  • University-quality curriculum; easy-to-navigate learning platform.
  • Customization options are available.

Course delivery:

The curriculum is available online.

Course structure:

Ten modules with a quiz after each, concluding with a final exam.


Online training 8+/- hours.

Course Fee:

BSFP Building safety fire Prevention $397 plus applicable taxes. Group pricing for groups of five or more is available. For more information,  contact us.


Drawing on his forty years of fire service experience, Bob Turley shows us what to look for during fire safety inspections of low-risk low occupant-load buildings that make up more than 70% of the buildings in most communities. This course is based on decades of life-work experience and ongoing research. To read Bob’s comprehensive bio, click here.


Course certificate awarded for final examinations with a 70% or higher score.

Technical requirements:

A high-speed internet connection and current internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Course materials:

PDF textbook included.

Training support

Course administrators are available by email or phone for questions, assistance, and technical support.

Building Safety Fire Prevention Training