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North Bay Fire dept. staffing under review due to FUS

North Bay Council has called for more study in response to a fire underwriter’s survey that suggests it would take an $8-million capital investment, including the construction of another reservoir to store more water, as well as the hiring of more fire fighters and...

Dehumidifiers recalled as potential fire hazard

Dehumidifiers produced by a number of different manufacturers have been recalled as potential fire hazards. There have been 165 incidents, including 46 fires and $2.15 million in property damage. No injuries have been reported....

New portable fire extinguisher training technology

This portable fire extinguisher training system, which utilizes propane gas, is much safer and more environmentally friendly than past methods. A trainer can control the intensity of the flames and utilize the emergency stop switch on a handheld controller at any time.

Modern homes burn eight times faster than 50 years ago

Even 30 years ago, a person had up to an estimated eight minutes to exit their home from the time their smoke detector went off. Today, a person has less than two minutes.

Rooftop solar panels pose dangers?

Ontario firefighters say rooftop solar panels pose dangers.  Manufacturers disagree.

Heat Stress

NIOSH Report says employers should provide training to workers so they understand what heat stress is, how it affects their health and safety, and how it can be prevented.

B.C.’s fire-reduction strategy misses mark

Researchers have found that the actual costs associated with a wildfire, such as home and business losses and damage to natural resources, can range from two to 60 times the suppression cost....

Saskatoon arsonist caught on tape

A bold arsonist drives up, pours a flammable liquid, ignites the fire and drives off -  all caught on camera.

Volunteer firefighters feel the strain

Volunteer firefighters are feeling the strain as they take on more and more unpaid responsibilities that exceed their traditional tasks of battling flames and responding to medical emergencies and motor-vehicle crashes....

SF fire chief bans helmet cameras in wake of crash

San Francisco's fire chief has explicitly banned firefighters from using helmet-mounted video cameras. Chief Joanne Hayes-White said she issued the order because, "There comes a time that privacy of the individual is paramount, of greater importance than having a...

Judge orders FDNY not to use apparatus over 10 years old

FDNY officials argued that older trucks are critical response vehicles for non-fire calls.  “This award will potentially endanger numerous lives by frustrating the only means of transportation available to numerous lieutenants and captains employed by the FDNY.”...

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