Policy Title:  Use of Fire Department Equipment & Facilities

Policy Statement:

The fire halls shall only be used by Fire Department or (name of district) District personnel for activities connected with the Fire Department or the District.  These may include but not be limited to training, public meetings, open houses, fire hall tours or public safety education courses.

Outside groups shall not be permitted to use these facilities unless there is some Fire Department issue and involvement of Fire Department personnel.

Members shall be permitted to use the lounge areas of the fire halls for special events after obtaining permission from the Fire Chief or, in their absence, the Deputy Fire Chief.  Members shall be responsible for cleaning the rooms and equipment used and broken items shall be replaced at the member's expense.

Members may use the tools in the fire hall workshops but are expected to replace any broken or lost tools.  No personal business shall be done on Fire Department computers or telephones.

Fire Department apparatus shall not be used to fill swiming pools or water wells.

Fire Department air compressors shall not be used to fill breathing apparatus for the public.

Fire Department equipment and apparatus including the Fire/Rescue boat shall not be used to provide a service in the community that is commercially available.