Inspections and Audits

FireWise Consulting offers an inspection and audit service based on the criteria established in the OFC Bulletin.  The principals of FireWise Consulting, Bob Turley and Glen Sanders, have extensive fire service experience and are highly regarded for their knowledge, expertise and integrity.  FireWise Consulting is committed to working closely with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and the Fire Chief on issues and obstacles that will occur during this process and will liaise with the OFC.

FireWise Consulting is NOT AN ENFORCEMENT AGENCY but simply a third party agency with the credentials to perform the inspections and audits.  The inspection and audit process will leave the AHJ and the fire department with the baseline information needed to develop a Strategic Plan so compliance with the recognized standards can be achieved.


FireWise Consulting Ltd. provides several report options based on the needs of the AHJ:

This report provides the AHJ with the checklist completed.

Checklist with Narrative
This report provides the AHJ with the checklist completed and provides a narrative of the findings.

Checklist, Narrative and Recommendations
This report provides the AHJ with the checklist completed, a narrative of the findings and recommendations to address deficiencies identified in the Inspection and Audit.


The cost of this service is dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • the level of preparation by the AHJ and the fire chief, and quantity and quality of information provided prior to the site visit;
  • the availability of current information during the site visit;
  • the number of site visits required;
  • the type of report requested;
  • post Audit follow-up to assist in developing a compliance plan; and
  • travel costs.

The cost of the annual inspection and audit will diminish after the initial review provided a compliance plan is adopted and implemented.