Company Inspection Program

The FireWise Company Inspection Program is a comprehensive online course, endorsed by the Institution of Fire Engineers. It is designed to increase the knowledge base of firefighters who currently perform fire safety inspections or prepare new firefighters for their role in a fire department company inspection program. This training is available to both individuals and fire departments in Canada and the USA. It is a practical tool that will teach you how to conduct a fire safety inspection on low occupant load, low risk public buildings.

The Program

  • is offered in two different versions, based on the National Building and Fire Codes of Canada and the International Building and Fire Codes.
  • exceeds the job performance requirements of the NFPA 1021 Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications, sections 4.5.1 and 4.5.2.
  • is fully customizable for fire departments.
  • is a cost-effective way to gain valuable fire prevention and life safety education.

More information and pricing

Company Inspection Course - Canada

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Company Inspection Course - USA

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Course Sample

Free course samples are available. For a sample of the Canadian course click here. For a sample of the USA course click here.  You will get a taste of the course through viewing and participating in the introduction unit presentation, quiz, Additional Learning Opportunities and Resources.



Marcel Profeit - Chief Fire Prevention Officer, Prince George Fire Rescue

"I have been receiving some very good feedback from our members and there is noticeable improvement in the quality of company inspections being performed by those who have taken the course. As CFPO I am very pleased with the results of the training so far."

Jack Paterson - Lead Instructor, College of the Rockies

"I want to pass on my comments regarding your on-line inspection program. Having recently put a new class of recruits from the  College of the Rockies Fire Program through your course it is easy to see why this program gives students the knnowledge and confidence they need to complete an inspection on their own. We completed this course as a class; however, we also see the benefit of working on it on an individual basis. The easy to follow presentation, chapter reviews and the additional learning opportunities included with the program allowed the class to interact and get the most out of the learning experience."

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