FireWise Consulting Ltd. is known for providing meaningful seminars, workshops and training not readily available elsewhere for emergency service personnel and governing authorities.  We facilitate workshops for fire department officers such as critical thinking on the fire ground, personnel management, effective decision making, fire service liability, effective fire department management and other topics not typically found in officer development courses.   For governing authorities we offer workshops on the critical importanance of well crafted bylaws and the need for clear policy statements for all the services a local government may offer.  FireWise Consulting Ltd. engages topic specific presenters who are recognized for their expertise in their respective fields to deliver training and workshops.

We provide the following services to communities to assist with the organization and operation of a fire department.

Fire Department Inspection & Audit

FireWise Consulting Ltd. provides fire inspection and audit services to fire departments in conformance with the directive from the Chief Provincial Coroner and the Provincial Fire Commissioner.   For more comprehensive information on our Inspection and Audit services please go to our Inspections and Audits page.

Strategic & Master Planning

Fire Protection Surveys

  • Community Risk Identification
  • Fire Station Locations
  • Apparatus & Equipment Acquisition & Replacement
  • Staffing & Manpower
  • Water Supplies and Fire Flows
  • Communications

Policy Development

  • Level of Response
  • Traffic Control
  • Regulation Compliance

Operational Guideline Development

Mediation & Mentoring

Fire Department Consolidation

Occupational Health & Safety

  • Program Development & Review
  • Operational Guideline Development & Reporting

Municipal Fire Inspection Program

  • Fire Services Act
  • Frequency of Inspection
  • Records Management
  • Enforcement Orders
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Fire Code Inspections
  • Pre-fire Planning

Education & Training

Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner (LAFC) Responsibilities

  • Orientation
  • Fire Inspections
  • Fire Investigations

Fire Cause Determination

Advanced Fire Investigation & Fire Scene Reconstruction

Fire Investigation

  • Fire Review
  • Scene Support
  • Risk Management
  • Conflict of Interest Resolution
  • Report Writing
  • Fire Investigation